Independence Conservancy

Connected to the Land
We are a land trust. We are called to preserve, steward and protect the land that sustains us. We are volunteers. We are a community coming together. And we are supported by you.

Cleaning Up Communities

For over a decade, we have helped to beautify neighborhoods in Beaver, Allegheny and Washington counties with our Community Tire Collection Program. Old tires are collected, sheared and safely disposed of, and the rims are recycled. [ read more ]

Preserved for the People

Rocky Bottom Natural Area is our newest preserved property. A haven of quiet beauty for generations of people, this beautiful, popular and ecologically significant portion of Raccoon Creek will now be protected for public access. [ read more ]

Protecting Open Lands

Independence Conservancy is part of a nationwide community of land trusts that believes the conservation of open spaces and natural places enhances the economic and social values of a community in equal measure with the environmental values. [ read more ]

Sowing for the Future

Farms can be the lifeblood of a community. Beaver County’s Red Oak Farm was granted a conservation easement and permanent preservation, and now serves as an example of once-fallow fields protected so they could be brought back to beautiful productivity for future generations. [ read more ]

Clean Water, Clean Earth

Independence Conservancy built and operates mine discharge treatment systems that remove hundreds of tons of iron per year from the headwaters of Raccoon Creek, restoring water quality and improving the habitat of the area’s wildlife. [ read more ]

Go Outside

Land trusts in Pennsylvania have conserved nearly 600,000 acres - we should enjoy them! The efforts of people-powered organizations like ours help provide clean water, fresh air and safe food for our recreational areas. [ read more ]

How You Can Help

Every year, America loses two million acres
of farms, forests, open spaces and wetlands.
Donate. Become a volunteer. Speak out in your community. We are part of a larger story, and there are so many ways to add your voice. [ take action today ]