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Our Story

Independence Conservancy was incorporated on July 4, 1999 in Aliquippa PA for the original purpose of providing stewardship of the Independence Marsh mitigation wetlands in Independence Township, Beaver County. In subsequent years, this original purpose became unnecessary, and the Foundation expanded its work throughout the greater Raccoon Creek Watershed.

On January 1, 2007, the Independence Marsh Foundation officially changed its corporate name to Independence Conservancy to more accurately reflect its status as a land trust and to recognize its larger role as an independent steward of the Raccoon Creek Watershed in Beaver, Washington and Allegheny Counties of western Pennsylvania.

Independence Conservancy is the first and only land trust based in Beaver County. The Conservancy is an all-volunteer organization headquartered in Industry, PA, and is active throughout the Raccoon Creek Watershed. The Conservancy is not a unit of state, local or county government. It is a 501c3 non-profit supported entirely by public donations, project grants and stewardship programs - not by tax dollars. The Conservancy has no offices at Independence Marsh, and is not a part of the Beaver County Conservation District.

Independence Marsh is owned and operated by the Beaver County Conservation District whose headquarters are located in the Beaver County Conservation District Environmental Center at the wetlands.

Independence Conservancy and the Conservation District are two separate but cooperating entities with different staff and different focuses. The Conservancy and the District cooperate on many projects of public benefit such as the Raccoon Creek Watershed Conservation Plan, the Beaver County Sportsmen’s Conservation Camp and implementing the Beaver County Greenways & Trails Plan.